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Speaking of China, the biggest developing country nowadays, has been making stunning progresses in various fields. The high growth rate of economy booms the education sector a lot, foreign participation in the education sector has also been developing rapidly, western style education is one way to satisfy the growing expectations of china’s new education consumers. Therefore china education, more significantly foreign education style its future development will be creating a very large market. 
Beijing Hongyuan Sunny Education was established since 2010. With five years experience in the recruitment industry Hongyuan Sunny Education focuses on providing recruitment and consultancy services to public and private schools in the education space.
Our company has quickly established itself as a leading provider of educational talent all over China. We currently co-operated with more than 50 co-workers through all over China, more than 100 foreign teachers who are currently working in our company from all over the world. We work very closely with both our clients and our foreign teachers in order to understand their goals and what type of success they will need in order to achieve their goals.