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Travel in China:Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower

Time:Jan 09, 2014

    Shanghai Orient Pearl TV Tower is located in Shanghai’s Huangpu River, the Pudong Lujiazui sharp-tongued, its absolute height of 468 meters to become the first one in Asia, the world’s third tower. Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, Huangpu River, Pudong Lujiazui  sharp-tongued, commenced on 30 July 1991, complete on Oct 1st 1994 , 468 meters high ,President Jiang Zemin inscribed the name of the “Oriental Pearl TV Tower” tower. Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the landmark in Shanghai tourism. It combines broadcast television transmission, entertainment, sightseeing in one. However, the Oriental Pearl stand building blocks of modern Lujiazui district, and across the river in Bund International Architecture Exhibition group pavilions, displaying the international metropolis of spectacular scenery. Oriental Pearl Tower sightseeing dining, shopping and  entertainment, River Tour, conference exhibitions, historical displays, travel agency and other service functions in one, a Shanghai landmark and tourist hot spots.   
    For upper 263 meters and 350 meters from the tourist layer capsule is a 360-degree aerial view of the city’s visitors the best view of the premises. 267 meters is that the highest revolving restaurant in Asia. Bottom of the Shanghai Municipal History Museum of Shanghai’s life reproduction of the old scene encapsulates the history of Shanghai since its inception.   

    Oriental Pearl Tower has 11 large and small, scattered and eye-catching crystal sphere, from the blue sky to the lush grass in series, depicts a “big pearl beads off the jade plate,” the dream picture.oriental Pearl TV Tower, with its shuttle in three 9-meter-diameter, high-speed elevator into the dyke column, and suspended between the columns 360 of the world’s first fully transparent three-track sightseeing elevator, so that every visitor to fully appreciate the advances of modern technology unlimited scenery.Oriental Pearl TV Tower in 1000 all the tourist layer counters variety of unique design, beautifully crafted all kinds of tourist souvenirs dazzling, dizzying, reluctant to leave. 

    Oriental Pearl TV Tower has become a landmark of Shanghai, Shanghai Wing out of ten new landscape. As one of the national tourist destination, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower has its services in early 2001 by the National Tourism Administration as the first national AAAA level scenic spots.

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