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Why choose us:

1. Our company’s co-workers though out all over China, public schools, universities, college, and private learning centers, to meet with all candidates individual preferences.

2. We will assist with visa application if required by successful candidates.

3. Free fully furnished apartment will be provided with internet access.

4. Free airport picking up service, and transportation will be arranged to school, we
  will be responsible to cover the temporary accommodation cost in Beijing.

5. Welcome pack (including essential information, emergency contact details, map, etc.)

6. Accident insurance will be covered by us while you are contracting with us.

7. Airfare allowance will be paid by us.

8. TEFL course will be assisted if required by foreign teacher.

9. Daily life support will be received from us, such as: opening a bank account, set up
  China mobile phone with SIM card, etc.

10. All Chinese bank holidays will be paid.