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Panzhihua NO.7 high school

Time:Jan 21, 2015

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         Panzhihua  NO.7 high school  is the model high school in Sichuan province. It is a public school. As one of the most beautiful, best facilities and biggest high school, No.7 high school has 76 teaching classes, 4650 students and 306 teachers. 
         Panzhihua is directly under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Provincial Government. It lies in the southwest China where Sichuan Province Borders Yunnan province and the Yalung River merge into the Jinsha River. The city borders Huili County, Dechang County and Yanyuan County of Liangshan Prefecture in the northwest, and Ninglang County, Huaping County and Yongren County in the southwest. It is 749 km from Chengdu in the north, 351 km from Kunming in the south. There are 42 ethnic groups in Panzhihua, among which the Han accounts for 86.6% of the whole population. Among the 41 minority groups, the Yi accounts for 8.89% of the whole population. Others are the Lisu, Miao, Naxi, Bai, Dai and Man ethnic groups.
         Panzhihua is dominated by the south subtropical-north temperate zone with vertical climatic distribution, which is characterized by long summer, abrupt daily temperature change, indistinct seasons, dry air, concentrated rainfall, rich sunshine(2,300-2,700 hours), strong solar radiation (578 kj/cm2~628 kj/cm2); active evaporation and diversified microclimates. Annual mean temperature is 19.7℃~20.5℃. Generally, May is the hottest month; and December or January is the coldest one. Rainy season usually occurs from early June to October; while dry season lasts from November to May. No-frost period is over 300 days.
          The traffic is very convenient in Panzhihua. Chengdu-Kunming Railroad, National Road 108# and Ninghua Road, the Provincial Road, run through its whole area. Nowadays, a fast radioactive traffic net has preliminarily formed, which takes urban area as the center, national and provincial roads as base and highways in both the city and villages as principal part, joining with districts and counties aroud. Further more, Panzhihua Airport, the important national project, was open to navigation in Dec. 2003. In addition, Panzhihua-Xichang Superhighway, which started to be built on Nov. 16th, 2003, will be connected with Chengdu-Yaan Superhighway.
        Located between Chengdu and Kunming, Panzhihua is the nearest place to South China and ports along the edge amd coast of Southeast Asia. Enjoying the positional superiority both inside and outside, it possesses unique condition of tourist distributing center among those scenic spots in southwest Sichan and northwest Guizhou. Besides, it provides with the best and fastest tourist passage to Lugu Lake and Lijiang.  
        823 km away from Chengdu, Panzhihua is accessable by taking train of Chengdu-Kunming Line for 14 hours or bus via Xichang or plane to Xichang, where change train or bus to arrive. It is 230 km away from Xichang, which costs about 7 hours ride and the road conditions is not very good. Also, Panzhihua is one of the two starting points from Sichuan to Luguhu.

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