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Do I need to speak Chinese in order to participate in the program?
No, definitely not.  Actually, most schools prefer that you do not speak Chinese.  They would rather you speak only in English in the classroom.  Knowing some Chinese will help you in your daily life outside of your classes, and you will be picking up more Chinese from day to day.  Your Chinese tutor will help you learn some of the basics of Mandarin Chinese before your classes begin. 
If I am not a U.S. Citizen, can I still apply for the program?
Our company  works with applicants from the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  It is more important that each applicant meet the necessary criteria to teach English in China: having a bachelor’s degree in any subject, being a native English speaker, and having a willingness to share the English language with students.  . 
How do I apply for intern teaching vacancies in your organization ?
You will see our advertisements online on various teaching websites. Along with this you will find out the basic requirements we need from you. This includes resume,
recent photo,the copy of your passport and copies of your certificates.
Our staff will ensure that all documents are correct and contact you accordingly. 
Is previous teaching experience necessary to teach English in China?
The requirements are that you are an english native speaker, aged 19-55 and preferably have a bachelor degree, although this is not strictly required.
Teaching experience is also helpful and we will consider European applicants who speak good english and who have TEFL or TESOL certificates. 
Do you have any information about the schools or teaching positions available?
Most of our schools are public schools including elementary, middle and high schools, the age of students ranging from 4 to 17 . There are 40 to 55 students in one class .
Your duty is to be an English teacher and you are required to help improve the oral english of all your students.
You are going to teach from Monday to Friday for 18 hours a week, with no office hours and with the weekend off to rest. 
At what time of the year should I arrive in China and who will arrange for my schedule ?
As usual, people need some time to accustom to the new environment for work and life, so we do hope all of our foreign friends come one week ahead !
NTI will send one representative to meet you at the airport and arrange for your routine from the moment you arrive at Beijing airport to the time you arrive at the school safely
and this representative will be your personal customer service executive during cooperation period. 
Where will I be placed upon my application being accepted?
This will vary based on the demand of the school.  Teachers are usually placed in the central, southern, and eastern parts of the country.  These schools are typically in areas that are both urban and small cities.  This will give you the chance to experience the REAL China.
If you would like to be placed in a bigger city such as Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen, do let us know as we have connections with these cities as well.